An essential resource for flight simulator enthusiasts and newbies alike.

The flight simulator, to some, is no more than a game. To others they can be anything from an engaging hobby, a training aid for student pilots, or a way in which PPL and Commercial pilots can practice procedures or visualise new routes.

Whatever your level of skill, I hope you find Aeroclicks will grow to become an essential resource for all flight simulator users. I will try to signpost the wealth of information for the virtual pilot that can be found on the Internet. I will also give you some ideas on where this hobby could take you. For the flying newbie I will help you on the way by giving you some information about common cockpit instruments. Instruments such as the Airspeed Indicator, the Attitude Indicator and the Altimeter, and some of the lesser known instruments which you may or may not be aware of.

Flight Simulator Cockpit
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The Cockpit - Flight Instrument Guide

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Aeroclicks is a website unashamedly dripping with flight simulator and other aviation related content. Links, news and whatever else takes ...