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There are plenty of brilliant websites about flight simulation on the Internet and a lot of very clever people who are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience with others.  Aeroclicks is a new flight simulator website which acts as a sign post to all this information and a lot more. 

The Starter section will be of interest to anyone who is interested in taking up the hobby for the first time. We will be exploring what you need and how much it might cost, looking at the capabilities of flight simulators and what you might use it for.  We will also be looking at the next stage once you have got your fledgling wings and how we can improve the realism of virtual flying. Underpinning all this is a directory of where you can find the software and hardware for your flight simming hobby (or should that be obsession?). This will be of particular interest to cockpit builders as I include a section of links to suppliers of various gauges, controls and other components.  

I will also be sharing some of my experience as a flight simulator ‘improver’ and someone who undertaken basic training on ‘the real thing’.  So, I hope you enjoy this website and should you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see on these pages then do let me know.

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What Equipment do I need?

While it is possible to use most flight simulators with a mouse and keyboard the minimum equipment should be a joystick. These can be obtained at little cost and enhance the flying immensely and is expected of all flight simulator manufacturers.

Can a desktop simulator be used for real world training?

Flight Simulators have been a part of pilot training since there have been human powered flights, so with this pedigree then we have to say YES!

Using a flight simulator can help you with the basics of flight, what the control surfaces do, what the basic instruments are for, etc.  It can also help you when it comes to practising flight procedures such as instrument approaches and with decent photo scenery installed visual approaches to unfamiliar airfields.  If you are training to become a pilot ask your flying instructor for how best you might use a flight sim to improve your real-life flying.

Which is the best flight simulator to use?

The difficult ones first, eh?  It's a bit like asking which is the best car... It depends what you want to do.

The most popular flight simulator by sheer volume has to be Microsoft's Flight Simulator (FSX) which has been around for so many years. [https://fsxinsider.com/] The number of add-ons which have been produced commercially or available from the flight simulator community free of charge is vast. Then there is P3D, or 'Prepar3d' from Lockheed Martin who have built on FSX and improved it.