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There is a growing interest in flight simulators, and not necessarily shown by younger people. With the growing price of real-life general aviation and the increase in simulator realism, many pilots are now turning to flight sims for training and instrument refreshers where perhaps a few years ago they would have toddled down to their flying club and hired an aircraft / instructor.  And yes, I am sure (I know) that many are just taking a virtual bimble around the skies when the weather doesn’t suit the real thing. I hope you will find this web site a useful portal not only to those I describe above but to the whole simulator and gaming community. Do get involved and let me know your favourite links.

Apple and Android Apps

If they are good enough for pilots who do their flying above ground level then Tablet Computers are certainly good enough in the simulator. There are a large number of simulator ‘game’ apps available but the most useful ones are those which provide added functionality or realism to your desktop flight simulator.  It is possible to add a ‘glass cockpit’ display or the usual six pack of gauges, radio stacks allow you to tune in to beacons or towers, and there are moving maps which help you navigate your way around the country.

Discover Apple and Android Apps
Flight Simulator Aircraft

Expand your flight simulator and fly your favourite aircraft. There are thousands of aircraft files available of all shapes and sizes. Commercial files provide the most realism and functions whilst there are enthusiasts who like nothing more than creating their own favourite aircraft whether they can be found on the runway or in the designers mind. The latter are listed on a number of Sim Enthusiasts websites, and are provided free of charge, although there maybe a charge by the site owner for membership which benefits from full download speed.

Flight Simulator Scenery

Flight Simulators allow you to fly all over the world which is an awful amount of roads, trees, waterways, etc. to model. Whilst mostly accurate to a degree if you really want to get the most out of your flight simulator you will want to get some the amazingly accurate scenery add-ons which are available. These range from improved ‘textures’ to the default scenery to photographic scenery, overlays which sit on top of your existing texture.