Planning Matters

If you have some real word flying experience, have just started training, or you are serious considering it, I want to introduce you to  what I feel is the kit which will help you most. The sort of areas I plan to cover are: What space you need to set up your Sim? Which Flight […]

Taking a Walk on the Wild Side

The Flight Simmer is by and large a solitary creature as seen by other members of its genus Aviationae.  That’s why any excuse to meet other species in the flesh is usually grabbed with open arms.  That’s why the flight sim shows are as popular as they are and the UK’s RAF Cosford show is […]

Back in the Fold

For a number of years I have been away from flight simulators – hardly touched them in fact. I was going through a period of disinterest in sitting at my desk making up flight plans before jumping into my virtual Cessna 172 (Flight 1) or Piper PA 28 (Caranado) and going for a bimble. I […]

The Baked Bean Syndrome

One of the reasons why flight simulators (and other simulators for that matter) are so popular is that they can appeal to the individual on so many different levels. Whether you are a young enthusiast looking to discover the thrills of high speed flight in a state of the art jet fighter or enjoy the […]