The company was founded by CEO John Venema in 2006 with a clear and ambitious vision to create the best flight simulation scenery possible. Today with over 50 developers on dozens of active projects, Orbx has released over one hundred and thirty award-winning payware FTX products and over 500 freeware products. With the exclusive use of “Flow” technologies that add even more realism, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.

The scenery covers countries and airports around the globe with land classes, textures and custom autogen textures, trees and library objects.

Terrain Regions. The FTX terrain regions are a unique technology which combines the use of aerial photography to create custom landclass textures implemented using some key differentiators from the default FSX/Prepar3D terrain system, such as:

  • World-first hand-crafted landclass covering almost 100% of each released FTX region.
  • Unique ground textures based on licensed aerial photography local to each region.
  • Seamless joining of unique landclass tilesets using custom meshing tiles.
  • Custom vector-based geographical features such as road systems, coastlines and hydro.
  • A unique 3D lighting system and hand-crafted night lighting textures.
  • Custom autogen textures, trees and library objects.
  • Custom changes to terrain.cfg, default.xml and lclookup.bgl to allow flowing and seamless landscapes that appear totally integrated with their surroundings.

Airports. With our airport products, the Orbx mission is to create the highest fidelity that is obtainable within FSX/Prepar3D without compromising on performance and usability. As our tech is refined we are closer to reaching true HD airports which perform exceptionally well.

  • Boundary-pushing 2 cm, 7 cm, 15 cm and 30 cm+ ground textures made from aerial imagery.
  • Orbx released the world’s first 2 cm/pixel airport – CZST Stewart BC, with more to come.
  • Exquisite building modelling with HD textures, natural lighting and 3D elements.
  • Extensive ‘clutter’ objects at airports, which create truly immersive environments.
  • 3D animated trees and grass that really adds a sense of depth while taxiing.
  • Every FTX airport includes at least 50 km sq. of photoreal ground textures.
  • The introduction of a user-configurable Control Panels which allow extensive customisation.
  • Audio Sound Packs with unique sampled sounds that match the airport environments.
  • New “Flow” technology which is extending FSX and Prepar3D with even more realism.


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