Rex Simulations publishes a range of high definition enhancements to FSX, FSX Steam and Prepar3D.

Sky Force 3D is a complete overhaul of the weather, texture, effects and cloud model structure in-sim experience while bringing dimension and complete weather immersion.  The clouds in the simulator are modelled in 3D, just like the aircraft you fly.  Instead of a handful of 3D clouds that currently reside in the simulator, we have created thousands of new 3D cloud models (structures) and cloud types developed in comparison to their real-world counterpart. These include altocumulus, stratocumulus, humilis, mediocris, congestus, tower cumulus, cumulonimbus calvus, stratus, nimbostratus, altostratus, cirrus class, cloud streets, super cells, wall clouds, funnel, shelf, rain shaft and tornadoes.

REX Worldwide Airports HD is an extensive photoreal global airport graphics package created from real-world airport structures and supporting environments. These environments were authored from high resolution photography all around the world from real-world counterparts, and will customize and transform over 24,000+ airports within the simulator. Highly detailed 3D airport ground vehicle models included! For use with FSX, FSX:Steam and Prepar3D.

REX Texture Direct Enhanced Edition takes advantage of the core features of the flight simulator and enhancing them to a new level. Compiled from years of feedback from current REX users, all facets of the program include desired features, effects, sounds and textures. With REX Soft Clouds, you will truly experience volumetric haze and fog as never before seen within a flight simulator environment.

Milviz and REX Simulations partnered up to solve the difficult challenges related to a fully functional weather radar: combining a modernized airborne radar with sophisticated digital signal processing, resulting in a superior multi-functional hazardous weather detection and avoidance system.

Rex 4 Weather Architect is a powerful Custom Weather Generator and Weather Engine which allows you to create complete weather systems on a map with accuracy down to a single latitude and longitude.


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