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The Baked Bean Syndrome

The Baked Bean Syndrome

One of the reasons why flight simulators (and other simulators for that matter) are so popular is that they can appeal to the individual on so many different levels.

Whether you are a young enthusiast looking to discover the thrills of high speed flight in a state of the art jet fighter or enjoy the challenge of handling heavy metal in the form of an airliner; whether you want to step into the boots of our heroic pilots in their WWII fighters or bombers; or whether you already pilot an aircraft in real life and you want to get some procedural practice in; there is a flight simulator configuration to suit you.

You don’t have to go down the route of building your own cockpit to achieve your goal of simulated flight although I have to admit it does help.  Most of us, myself included, has to make do with a shared desk space to act as our cockpit and technology can go a long way to help us achieve a quite useful set up. So, here are the various categories of set up depending on the space you have available.

Small Space:
Joy Stick with integrated or separate throttle.

Medium Space:
Desktop Yolk
Desktop Throttle Quadrant

iPad or Android Tablet

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