An Appropriate Space

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Anyone considering setting up their first flight simulator, space will have probably already crossed your mind. You may have probably seen some very professional, home built, simulator cockpits. You may well say to yourself, “If they can do well, so can I!” But then you put your sensible head on as you scan around your two bed flat on the third floor.

The consideration should be what space do you have available for you to go virtually flying.  The answer is not a lot. If you have to share the space with your nearest and dearest, your kids, the family cat, etc. then it is possible to use the computer you are already using, preferably a desktop PC, although a laptop could be used for some basic flying.

Where space is less of an issue you are best off finding a bit of room where you aren’t going to be disturbed by the usual household hubbub and the household isn’t going to be disturbed by your calls of ‘clear prop’! That said, you don’t need a great deal of space. Being a bit cramped can add to the realism

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