Simulator Cockpits


Taking the next step in your new hobby can be an exciting one. Hopefully by now you have managed to immerse yourself in your on-screen cockpit and started to get to grips with its various instruments and controls. Maybe you have already discovered this, but using your mouse to adjust the heading on your DI (Direction Indicator) doesn’t really cut the mustard.

To add some realism to your virtual flying then adding some ‘real’ controls to interact with will bring you one step nearer to the look and feel of a cockpit environment.

Of course if you haven’t got the space or budget to start integrating a simulator cockpit (or simpit) then there are plenty of low budget options you can try.

Whether you are planning on building an all singing, all dancing, replica of a 787 Dreamliner cockpit in the garage, or shoving the homework into a corner on the desk to put in a hours virtual pilot training, hopefully you will find these pages useful.


  • Yokes, Flight Sticks and Joysticks
  • Glass Cockpit Displays
  • Analogue Gauges and Instruments

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